The perfect mix of expertise, experience, quality and sustainability.


Jocon has delivered major structural concrete constructions services for more than 50 years.

Our structural concreting team are highly skilled at placement of steel reinforcement, formwork and concrete placement.

Our capabilities include:

Formwork Design & Installation
Reinforcement Supply & Installation
Concrete Placement
Planning & Site Logistics

Jocon have a proven track record in successfully delivering many multi-story projects across the Adelaide CBD skyline.

From our sustainable best-practice methodologies through to our closely monitored planning, top-end equipment and first class systems, no detail is left to chance.

Our industry-leading reputation and decades of successful operation haven’t just happened by coincidence – it takes a commitment to being the best and always doing what we say we will.  It is our relentless determination to deliver quality outcomes on time and on budget.

Although we deliver concrete construction solutions in a wide range of applications, one area of specialty is super-flat flooring for warehouse facilities.  With specialised input at the design phase, super-flat floors are achieved by incorporating state-of-the-art laser screed technology.  This innovative technology is vastly superior to conventional floor systems and provides a number of benefits including:

Increased yield, with more concreting completed in a shorter timeframe so the construction program is accelerated
Reduction in slab joints
High tolerance accuracy in floor levels and flatness, a feature that is not achievable using conventional pouring techniques
Less labour intensive
Overall savings on construction costs and ongoing maintenance costs

Our ability to deliver these benefits has been demonstrated at a number of sites including the State Drill Core Library and IKEA development at Adelaide Airport.  This innovative laser screed technology not only fast-tracks the builder’s construction program, it also delivers a superior flooring solution.